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Don't Date an Afghan Girl Poem

My adaptation of the "Don't date a girl that travels" & "Don't date an Arab girl" poems.

By Mariam Maz Hakim




Her piercing eyes will enchant you
For they tell a story that will haunt you.

She has lustrous dark locks and glowing olive skin which she dare not share.

She moves and sways so effortlessly, the beat of the tabla and rhythm of the rubab is in her blood.

Don’t date an Afghan girl for she will frequently speak of the courage of her countrymen.

For all the war, the pain, the poverty and the suffering - the victories are always at the forefront of her mind.

She will decide who you are on how much you care about the world: the poor, the suffering, those less fortunate.

Don’t date an Afghan girl, her passion for life is infectious.

Beneath the beauty of her blue chadari is hidden centuries of history. The different shades of her skin, hair and eyes taking you through the region’s evolution.

Don’t date an Afghan girl, you might fall in love with her endearing qualities - she is fiery and zealous yet protective and caring.

Don’t date an Afghan girl, she dreams big. Her freedom is bittersweet, craving the same liberties for her sisters.

Don’t date an Afghan girl, she is a romantic. She will dream of love like the mystics Rumi, Hafiz and Ferdowsi.

If you share this vision of romance...

You should date an Afghan girl, she is the future of an unfortunate land.
You should date an Afghan girl because her hopes and dreams for the future of her homeland match the dazzling colourful patchwork of her traditional Afghan dress.

Date an Afghan girl because she is fighting her own war, her voice has to be heard.
Do date an Afghan girl because for all her fiery ambition to carry such a heavy load by herself, such an imposing weight is more easily shared.

Available for television, corporate, live events and voice-over.

2019  Maz Hakim