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Awarded Cosmo Magazine's "Ultimate Female Entertainer in the Middle East 2015"

Virgin Radio Dubai

After an incredible 2 and a half years in Canberra, i'm moving to Dubai to work for the amazing Virgin Radio Dubai as a radio announcer. Incredibly excited!

Mentioned in the Parliament of Australia

What an incredible honour to be mentioned in the Parliament of Australia at the Legislative Assembly as an asset to Canberra and Australia. Incredibly humbled.

 Read the transcript of the full speech here:

Mariam “Maz” Hakim

MR GENTLEMAN (Brindabella) (4.40): It is with some bittersweetness that I rise today to speak of the contribution and future endeavours of one of our citys most prominent residents, who just last week officially announced she will be leaving Canberra. I speak, of course, of the very talented and highly respected radio announcer MazHakim. In her time at local radio station FM 104.7 Maz Hakim has built a loyal following amongst listeners. However, it is her work off-air as a refugee advocate and passionate supporter for refugee rights that has brought much recognition to this dynamic young woman.

In 2013 Maz Hakim was a Refugee Week ambassador, as well as a welcome to Australia ambassador. She performed both roles with much pride and, indeed, a deep sense of understanding, because Maz Hakim, as many of you would be aware, was herself a refugee.


Her family escaped Afghanistan during the Russian invasion in the 1980s, after the situation escalated. Mazs father, a practising architect, dreamt of a better life for his children, which would not have been possible if they had remained in Afghanistan.

In secret one night, the family packed up their worldly goods and escaped the troubled nation on horseback. They had paid a smuggler to lead them to a new life, but the circumstances were horrendous. Conscription was in force at the time and getting caught equated to death on the spot.

With helicopters hovering above them and the sound of bombs and rockets and very little food or water, Maz Hakims family somehow managed to make their way across the border to Pakistan. But on the way there, their toenails fell off because of the walking, they could not sleep because they could hear sounds of wild animals howling, and they were stopped and searched by bandits as they passed through villages. Then, a little over halfway to Pakistan, the smuggler deserted them. Through perseverance and luck, the family somehow managed to cross the border, arriving in Pakistan in a refugee camp, where Maz Hakim was later born into poverty, as a refugee baby in a harsh land.

It took some time, but after settling into life in their new country, Maz Hakims father began working as an architect again and her mother practising as a midwife. But her father dreamed of a more stable, brighter future for his family. That dream was to come to Australia. In Pakistan he had met some influential people through his work as an architectand one, in particular, who changed the course of their familys destiny, helping them to migrate to Australia.

Now, 26 years on, Maz Hakims father is still practising architecture and her mother is a retired midwife. Her siblings have also enjoyed much success. Her brother is an IT manager, one sister is a recruitment manager and the other is a TV presenter for BBC World News.

The key driving force that Maz Hakims parents instilled in her over the years was that anything in life is possible and to dream big, which is exactly how she has lived her life here in Canberra. And now Maz Hakims big dreams are about to come true. Soon she will return to the Middle EastDubai, to be precisein a new, prestigious role as an announcer for Virgin Radio. It is a new position that she is incredibly excited to be taking up and one that she says will allow her to share stories of her beloved homeland, and in particular Canberra, with much passion and enthusiasm.

Maz Hakim is keen to keep her connection to the capital, and we are keen to keep her connected to us. We as a community are very proud of her contribution to our citys multicultural way of life. Her support and advocacy for refugees is truly inspiring and has helped many members of one of Canberras most vulnerable groups see that anythingas Maz Hakim’s parents showed heris indeed possible, and that if you dream big, you can soar high. 

In the Daily Telegraph

I'm honoured to be in the National Daily Telegraph's Daily Life Magazine

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